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Acronyms & Abbreviations

Term Definition
ACT Artemisinin-based Combination Therapy
AMCC Achievement and Maintenance of Comprehensive Coverage
CBO Community Based Organisation
CCA Community Change Agents
CFP Community Focal Parent
CG Consultative Group
CHMT Council Health Management Team
CI Campaign International
CMO Chief Medical Officer
COMMIT Communication and Malaria Initiative in Tanzania
DC District Commissioner
DED District Executive Director
DfID Department for International Development
DHS Demographic Health Service
DMFP District Malaria Focal Person
DMO District Medical Officer
DPS Director of Preventive Services
EC Electoral Commission
EKN Embassy of the Kingdom of Netherlands
GoT Government of Tanzania
HHS House Hold Survey
HP Hati Punguzo
HW Health Worker
IEC Information, Education and Communication
IFRC International Federation of the Red Cross
IPT Intermittent Presumptive Treatment
IRK Insecticide Treated Kits
IRS Indoor Residual Spraying
ITN Insecticides Treated Nets
IV Infant Voucher
JAMANET Journalists Against Malaria Network
Jhpiego International non-profit organisation affiliated with Johns Hopkins University (JHU)
LFA Local Fund Agent
LLIN Long Lasting Insecticides Treated Nets
MFP Malaria Focal Person
MMTS Malaria Mid Term Strategy
MNM Malaria No More
MoFEA Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs
MOP Malaria Operation Plan
MTB Ministerial Tender Board
MVU Mobile Van Units
NBS National Bureau of Statistics
NGAO A retreatment Kit
NMCP National Malaria Control Programme
PA Public Announcement
PCCB Prevention of Corruption and Combation Bureau
PMO Prime Minister's Office
PMU Procurement Management Unit
POM-RALG Prime Minister's Office Regional Administration and Local Government
PPRA Public Procurement Regulatory Authority
PS Permanent Secretary
PSC Prevention Sub Commitee
PSM Plan Procurement and Supply Management Plan
PWC PriceWaterCoopers (Local Funding Agent of the Global Fund)
RAS Regional Administrative Secretary
RBM Roll Back Malaria
RC Regional Commissioner
RCC Rolling Continuation Channel
RCH Reproductive and Child Health
RDT RApid Diagnostic Test
RET Rural Engagement Team
RFH Regional Fund Holder
RHMT Regional Health Management Team
RMO Regional Medical Officer
RTI Research Triangle Institute
SWAp Sector Wide Approach
TANAM Tanzania NGO Malaria Movement
TNCM Tanzania National Coordinating Mechanism
TNM Tanzania Net Manufacturers
TRC Tanzania Red Cross
UCC Universal Coverage Campaign
UCRC Universal Coverage Registration Cards
VEO Village Executive Officer
VF Vestergaard Frandsen
VMO Village Medical Officer
WEO Ward Executive Officer
WHOPES WHO Pesticide Evaluation Scheme
WMD World Malaria Day
WMO Ward Medical Officer
WVT World Vision Tanzania


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