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Universal Coverage Campaign

The Universal Coverage Campaign (UCC) supplements the Tanzania National Voucher Scheme (TNVS) and the Under-five Catch Up Campaign. It is financed by the Global Fund - Round 8 Grant. The aim of the UCC was to enable the government to distribute Long Lasting Insecticides Treated Nets (LLINs) to all sleeping spaces not yet covered to achieve the universal coverage of 80 percent by 2013.


The campaign commenced in July 2010 and was completed in October, 2011. At the end of the campaign, 17.6 million LLINs had been distributed to cover all sleeping spaces on the Tanzanian Mainland. Following the successful completion of the UCC, almost all sleeping spaces have been covered.

Partners' role

The implementation of the UCC has been made possible through contracts between the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare (MoHSW) and various implementation partners.

These partners are coordinated by the ITN Cell of the National Malaria Control Programme (NMCP). The registration is done by the local government officials.  A substantial investment in training for district, ward and village leaders was provided by the training contractors World Vision.

UCCThe supervision of the registration process was done by the Logistics Contractors – the Mennonite Economic Development Associates (MEDA). MEDA sends field teams in the villages and wards where registration takes place. The team supervised the filling of electronic voucher coupons for eligible recipients of the LLINs. These vouchers were used to get LLINs during the distribution dates. The whole process of distribution was managed by local leaders under the supervision of MEDA and other contracting partners.

After registration was over, MEDA compiled the data and made an order from the A to Z Textile Company. A to Z then delivered the nets to all distribution points according to a pre-set schedule.

Before commencement of the registration and distribution, mass awareness campaigns were conducted by Population Services International (PSI). PSI used public announcements, posters and radio messages through popular community radio stations. They also used road shows in areas where there is a high population of people like the market places.

The Tanzanian Red Cross was contracted to conduct a Hang Up Campaign. This campaign was important because in some areas, residents did not know how to use nets.

Difference between the UCC and the U5CC

In the Under-five Catch Up Campaign (U5CC), the beneficiaries were all children under the age of five years. The UCC covered all sleeping spaces that were not covered by the U5CC and through the TNVS programme. Another difference was that in the U5CC the coupons were provided to beneficiaries and presented on distribution day in exchange for an LLIN. In the UCC, electronic vouchers were issued to potential beneficiaries.