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Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute

Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute

The Swiss TPH is an associate Institute of the University of Basel. It was founded in 1943, as a public organisation, with support from the Swiss Federal Council and the Canton of Basel-Stadt. The mandate of the institute is to contribute to the improvement of the health of populations internationally and nationally through excellence in research, services, teaching and training.

Swiss TPH has been the key partner supporting the National Malaria Control Programme to establish and manage the NATNETS Programme through the NETCELL Project since 2003. NETCELL has been institutionally imbedded in the government structures for the past ten years, making it possible to build a comprehensive approach to scaling-up use of ITNs and LLINs that includes policy development, government coordination, and harmonised programme implementation. The Swiss TPH provides two technical advisors and four project staff to the NETCELL Project.

The project is currently in its fifth phase which runs until April 2018. This phase focuses on achieving three outcomes:

  • The ITN Cell and the Case Management Unit function effectively and efficiently and harmonize all donors active in this field in an aligned way.
  • The ownership of the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare for the ITN and case management components is enhanced and the human and administrative capacity of NMCP is substantially strengthened
  • The Tanzanian experience on process and impact of the past and upcoming activities within NATNETS and the case management component are presented in the relevant forums nationally and internationally